Silver + a low level of chlorine = a powerful duo

Minerals Reduce Chlorine Use and Kill Bacteria

There’s a silver lining to the current chlorine shortage. In fact, it’s silver—the mineral. Silver is a proven sanitizer; it’s been used for thousands of years:

  • Early Phoenician records note that water kept in silver vessels remained “cleaner”
  • Hippocrates promoted silver’s anti-disease properties

Today, you’ll find silver in a host of products from toothbrushes to bandages, hand sanitizers and clothes washers.

Silver kills bacteria. On a microscopic level, “Silver ions perform their deadly work by punching holes in bacterial membranes and wreaking havoc once inside.”1

Silver + a low level of chlorine = a powerful duo

Destroying bacteria is a constant battle. Chlorine’s superpower to kill bacteria is proven, but in a chlorine only pool, industry standards are to maintain 1.0 – 3.0 ppm chlorine – and the chlorine levels in many pools are higher than 3.0 ppm. At higher levels, chlorine is harsh on skin, hair, swimsuits and surfaces. It can kill the fun quickly.

There’s a way to use less chlorine. When silver is combined with a small amount of chlorine, they kill bacteria 2 ways. Better yet, this combination reduces chlorine use up to 50%*. Less chlorine means less itchy water, more comfort, less swimsuit fade and pool surfaces last longer.

FROG® products contain unique, well-tested silver technology

FROG products offer a complete sanitizing system, using a patented silver technology plus a low level of chlorine. They’re registered by the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, which attests to their many years of testing and proven science. FROG minerals require only 0.5 ppm chlorine for pools. The illustration shows the effectiveness of silver plus a low level of chlorine.

Know Your Minerals

If you’re interested in reducing chlorine use while maintaining a clean, clear pool, with softer feeling water, learning more about minerals could be a lasting solution. Learn more on FROG’s Fresh Mineral Water page.  

Chlorine is a very powerful sanitizer, but its strength can be its weakness. Combined with FROG’s silver technology, you get the best of both.

* Compared to the minimum EPA recommended chlorine level of 1.0 ppm for a stabilized swimming pool.

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