Our Values

  • Reflect Integrity
    We want our ethical and moral character to be crystal clear in every action and interaction. Respect, accountability, and honesty are critical ingredients that everyone deserves.
  • Sparkle with Excellence
    We will always go above and beyond. Doing our honest, absolute best every day delights our customers and allows us to continuously improve and innovate, bringing quality to every aspect of our products, services and relationships.
  • Create Good Chemistry with People
    Relationships are KING. We strive for strong and long-term connections with them and everyone in our pool of people, including employees, suppliers, and business and channel partners.
  • Ruled by the Golden Rule
    We treat everyone as we want to be treated. Respect, trust, support and grace are essential to cultivate a productive environment where each person can shine.
  • Be Immersed in Courage
    We will face challenges boldly but wisely; meet uncertainty with faith, confidence and conviction; act consistently with our beliefs, in spite of criticism, fear, or degree of difficulty. Like daring visionaries, we will enthusiastically embrace failures as we continue to learn and grow.
  • Foster Servant-Leadership
    We will put others first in a truly humble way. Serving each other with our gifts and talents so we can serve others together.


King Technology