SPA FROG® Floating System

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SPA FROG<sup>®</sup> Floating System

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Why limit the peace and serenity of a hot tub with second rate water care? The SPA FROG® Floating System enhances a standard hot tub up to 600 gallons with its patented delivery of minerals and a low dose of bromine. This hot tub Fresh Mineral Water system eliminates the need for daily maintenance & chlorination, improves water quality and removes the unmistakable smell of chlorine, all the while reducing bromine use and enhancing your hot tub water quality. Simply snap the pre-filled mineral & bromine cartridges into the reusable floating holder, sit back, relax and enjoy your hot tub.


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  • Fresh Mineral Water System for Hot Tubs up to 600 gallons
  • Pre-filled cartridges for no mess, no guess and no stress water care
  • Kills bacteria with up to 50% less bromine*
  • The Mineral Cartridge lasts 4 months or whenever you drain your hot tub
  • The Bromine Cartridges lasts 2-4 weeks depending on hot tub usage
  • Use with FROG Jump Start for an effective start-up shock when refilling the tub
  • Easy to use with weeks of consistent and effective water sanitization
  • The Bromine Cartridges are recyclable when empty



How It Works

The SPA FROG® floating Fresh Mineral Water hot tub system utilizes mineral and bromine cartridges designed to destroy bacteria, reduce bromine use by up to 50% and improve the overall quality of hot tub water. The minerals last up to four full months, while the bromine can be dialed in to meet your precise needs, usually about three weeks per cartridge. Just snap the two cartridges into the floating cap and relax!

SPA FROG<sup>®</sup> Floating System
SPA FROG<sup>®</sup> Floating System
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Spa Minerals versus standard chlor/bromine


The SPA FROG Floating System eliminates the hassles of daily feeding with chlorine granules that last less than 24 hours. UV and Ozone systems are incomplete, requiring some chemical back-up with no way to precisely feed it and they can be expensive to maintain. With SPA FROG, your bromine is cut in half and your workload is reduced - changing a cartridge roughly once a month.

Spa Minerals versus standard chlor/bromine
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FROG® Jump Start<sup>®</sup>

FROG® Jump Start®

Easy spa start up that removes contaminants and sets the residual.Learn More
FROG<sup>®</sup> Test Strips

FROG® Test Strips

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38 thoughts on “SPA FROG® Floating System

  1. Corey Miller

    I just bought a Dr. Wellness g16 6 person hot tub. I would like to use this product. Is this an acceptable product to use in my hot tub?

  2. tom

    This is simply the easiest and best SPA product there is.
    I have a beach cottage with a small 250 gallon hot tub and am away for weeks at a time.
    This product keeps my tub perfectly balanced, crystal clear, and ready for use even with these large gaps in attention.
    My only suggestion is in the directions for jump start, do not use the full bag of jump start if your tub is much less than 500 gallons like mine.
    It makes balancing the tub impossible and has too much chlorine, carefully measure the volume of product in the jump start bag and use half (the upside is one bag of jump-start will get you through two fills!).

  3. Doug Labrecque

    I used to use chlorine and what a hassle. These Frog products make owning a spa a pleasure. The system is quick to get up and running with minimal adjustments to chemicals in the beginning. From that point on a test of the water for me usually gives me perfect readings. I add a couple of tablespoons of activator after getting out of the tub and that’s all. The lines stay clean and there is even minimal cleaning of the filter. The water is always clear and smells good with no skin irritation.

    1. Faye

      I use the Frog Ease too… the chlorine cartridge on one side and the chemical cartridge on the other side.. my question is … do I need to use shock still with these chemicals… or any other things.. I see someone said something about some activator? what is that used for? I’ve just got me a used hot tub and been using it for 3 weeks now and bought the Frog … Thanks for any advice? also, I need to see how many gallons mine holds.. I didn’t think about it when fillng it up.. I do have all the paper work when the person had purchased it to.. the model and other info..

  4. William Sihler

    I don’t use the floating device. I use the in-line cartridges which are EXPENSIVE. Why don’t you have discounts for us little guys who maintain spas not pools ? I highly endorse your product and use nothing else. Maintenance is low

    1. Bryan Wall

      Hello William,

      We do run rebates on these items, in fact we just finished a rebate that was on for the last 3 months. I am sorry you did miss it.

      I am glad you are enjoy our product and stay tuned for new offers.

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